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This Contract binds Corrie Vallance, Sole Proprietor and Owner of On the Bus Productions to only services stated on contract. I understand that if there are additional services required during the time of service that an addendum can be written and placed with this contract or that a new contract will be written. All addendum will require the signature of me and Sole Proprietor and Owner of On the Bus Productions, Corrie Vallance. Any new services rendered will be added to my contractual agreement total cost, or the balance of the contract, and will be added to any payment arrangements that I have promised to make in this contract.

Furthermore, I do understand and agree that if my contract was based upon trade of services, it will be stated on the contract the expectations of this barter agreement and I promise to uphold and adhere to the contractual details and legalities even if funds were not exchanged.

I also agree that all services, products, memberships and or other agreements made with On the Bus Productions are non-transferable and non-refundable. Contracts and or Memberships, Discounts, Gift Certificates, or Sponsorship Agreements are non-transferable to any party other than party stated in verbal, written, non-written, or tangible or non-tangible contract.



All Packages Require a 15% Deposit of the Total Cost of the Entire Contract. All Deposits are due the date of signing. All Deposits are non-refundable and applicable to total cost of the Entire Contract Price. Full payment must be received upon Services Rendered.

Contractual Agreements that are 6 months or less require a 15% Deposit of the Total Cost of the Entire Contract. All Deposits are due the date of signing. All Deposits are non-refundable and applicable to total cost of the Entire Contract Price. Full Price must be received upon Services Rendered.

Contractual Agreements that are 6 months or more require no Deposit as long as First Payment will be made within 14 days of date of signing.

All Payments are non-refundable.



Event Cancellations must be received 15 days before Event. All services rendered up to date of cancellation in promotion, organization, staffing, marketing and advertising event will be paid in full. I also agree that a Non-Refundable 15% Loss Staffing Fee will be paid upon cancellation payable to On the Bus Productions. Fee will be 15% of the total cost due, or balance due of contractual agreement to all planned staff agents, employees, volunteers based upon wage decided upon in contract or based upon current minimum wage standards.

Package Contracts and Contractual Agreements that are 6 months or less Cancelled or Terminated will render a Non-Refundable 30% of the total contracted cost balance lost. Loss Contract Fee is immediately due upon cancellation/termination date.

I also agree and understand that On the Bus Productions or Corrie Vallance can at any time cancel or terminate their services with me and/or my organization, club, band or company for any reason at any time. The Contract Termination must be stated in writing and signed by Corrie Vallance. Termination or Cancellation of any contract allows On the Bus Productions and its Agents, Employees, Volunteers, and/or Representatives to discontinue service immediately. Payment for services rendered will be due upon date of cancellation/termination date. There is no Cost Balance Loss or Loss Contract Fee due upon cancellation if called cancellation was presented on behalf of Corrie Vallance or On the Bus Productions.



All Discounts served to any party, group, business or individual that are stated by attached contract are applied only to attached contract and can or may be revoked in future transactions. All Discounts serve a one-time transaction and must be re-negotiated each time services are rendered or upon contract renewal. Discounts cannot be exchanged, transferred, held for future use or in any way pawned. The discounts given also cannot be shared with any other party that is not directly stated on the attached contract or otherwise verbally obtained by any other party that has not been given the discount directly by On the Bus Productions or Corrie Vallance.

All non-Profit Organizations that present OTB with proof of a standard non-profit status or license will be given a standard discount of 40% off on all services rendered.

All agreements, verbal or non-verbal, written or non-written, can and will only stand one discount. Multiple Discounts cannot be applied to any one contract or agreement.

Standard discount of 50% will be applied for any Event where Artist and Venue agree upon a shared 2 minute video for paired and joint promotional use.



Memberships are offered in order to build the network of individuals who stay involved with On the Bus Productions Events, Promotions and Activities. Membership offers a non-transferable 10% discount to all OTB Services and a 20% discount on all Event Admissions and Products or Merchandise that is sold directly through On the Bus Productions. Discounts do not include the services, merchandise, or products of any other vendor or products rendered to OTB through partnerships or affiliations unless otherwise specified. The membership is completely non-transferable and will last for 1 year and amount of days to complete the month’s end to fulfill at least one year. Prices of membership may vary. Discount offered cannot be applied to membership renewals.



I agree to release any Video, Audio, Photography, including all Creative Works established, made, created or designed by On the Bus Productions, their Representatives, Agents, Employees, Partnerships, Participants and/or Volunteers to On the Bus Productions and Corrie Vallance for general promotional purposes, and portfolio presentations, or other project stimulation, building and creation at any time in the future. I fully release such photographs, or rights in such videos, audios, photographs, and creative works, free of charge, to On the Bus Productions and Corrie Vallance.  All works may be used or edited for use without further need of consent from me or compensation to me. I understand that any action taken to edit, use, re-use, or promote the workings of On the Bus Productions will be done tastefully and with respect. I understand that I, nor my company, organization or the product or services I represent will not be slandered or degraded in any way and that I will not lose right to my own use of such works to use in my own promotions and advertising.

I also agree that I will not in any way use creative works gained by the services of On the Bus Productions, Corrie Vallance, their Representatives, Agents, Employees, Partnerships, Participants and/or Volunteers to slander, degrade, demoralize, hinder business from, disregard, or compete reputation at any time in the future. I also agree to continually give credit to services rendered by word of mouth, sharing success, noting ownership of creativity, or by not removing any logos or insignia placed on such works to take away from or claim workings as my own.

I fully agree without hesitation to allow On the Bus Productions to tag, logo, sign, mark, and/or present symbolism on all of their creative works created for the purpose of servicing this contract, for my purpose of advertisement, promotions or engagement, in order to show ownership of the creativity or involvement of services in order to continually brand and advertise such services to the general public other than me. Furthermore, I understand that On the Bus Productions understands that Branding and will not place such tags, logos, signs, marks, and/or symbolism on such things as Clientele logos, tags, coupons, or other branding materials.

I agree that all videos, song, audio, photography (including logo) will not be re-used in alteration, will not be altered in any way or subjected to another creative studio, individual, entity or individual for personal or commercial use as to not misrepresent the works of On the Bus Productions, Corrie Vallance or its affiliates. If such items are to be re-used, owner of such items must gain a release form from On the Bus Productions allowing such edits and must give in full detail changes and edits that will be made.



I, the undersigned, a duly appointed representative of the business/organization listed above, hereby agree and shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless On the Bus Productions Hosts, Sponsors, Organizers, Participants, Partnerships, Staff, Officers, Agents, Employees and Volunteers from any liability for damage or claims for damage of property and/or personal injury, including death, which may arise from or be in any way connected with my participation in activities that involve the carrying out of any service noted, pertaining to, or subsequently related to the services stated in this contract.